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  • What is Adobe Voice?

    Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that helps you create stunning animated videos in minutes. No filming — just talk to tell your story, one line at a time. Voice will make you sound amazing. No staring at a blank page — it teaches you how to structure your story to make it unforgettable. Pick from over 25,000 beautiful iconic images to show your ideas. Set the mood with a musical soundtrack and choose the perfect look with just one tap. Watch your story automatically come alive with cinema-quality animation and share it with anyone online.

  • What’s the best way to get started?

    The app provides you with a feed of videos from the community, so you can see real-world examples of stories told with Adobe Voice. When you select “+Create a New Story” you will be prompted to describe what your story is about and down below you can tap – Personal, Business, Causes, School, Greetings or Tales and watch some fun ideas float across the screen.

    • Tap on “+ Create a New Story” and type in a few words to describe “What Your Story is About.”

    • Spin the wheel and pick a story starter. We’ll provide you with helpful prompts and ideas for each page to help you tell an interesting story.

    • A quick tutorial will appear. Tap on “Get Started” and you have the option to walk through a step-by-step guided experience.

  • Can I use my own photos in Adobe Voice?

    Absolutely. You can import photos to use in your Voice video from a variety of sources, including those you already have on your iPad, in a Facebook album, Dropbox or Creative Cloud account. Voice also gives you access to over 25,000 beautifully designed icons and over a million Creative Commons photos.

  • Can I import video?

    Telling an impactful story isn’t easy. In order to keep the focus on your message, we’re keeping things simple by using icons and images to help you convey your thoughts and ideas. Video import is not supported in Adobe Voice at this time.

  • Can I import my own songs?

    Setting the right mood is important for your Voice video. We’ve provided a selection of professionally composed, instrumental music tracks you can use for free. Find one you like that best fits your story. By using one of our custom tracks, we can ensure that you have a high-quality recording that sounds great behind your own voice. For this reason, importing your own music is not supported in Adobe Voice at this time.

  • Where does the Adobe Voice search engine find its images?

    Adobe Voice searches Flickr for Creative Commons images and for images tagged as public domain. When you search for images and icons, we’ll automatically add the credits at the end of every video.

  • What are Themes?

    Themes provide a quick and easy way to define the look of your Voice video. Through a powerful combination of animation, color, style and fonts, you can find one that best suits your story to maximize impact. Each theme is unique, dynamically applying animation effects and making the content come alive — from a dusty chalkboard drawing style to an animated watercolor that looks like you’re literally painting images on screen. All this happens for a Voice user with literally one tap.

  • How do I share my Adobe Voice video?

    Voice provides a quick and easy way to share your creation with the world. Just tap Share, and you can post your video on Twitter, Facebook, email, messages/SMS, or anywhere else you can put a link, without thinking about file types. You can also embed the videos on your web page. The important thing is that you share your story.

  • Where is the video hosted?

    We wanted to make sharing effortless with Voice. Video hosting is built-in, so you can focus on your story. Each video you publish will appear on its own Voice web page. No unrelated videos, no random ads — just your story in the center of the page, in high-quality HD. You can also embed it where you want on your own web page. Anyone can watch them from wherever they are, on a phone, tablet device, or computer.

  • What file types do I have to choose from once I publish my Adobe Voice video?

    You don’t have to choose: everyone should be able to share their stories, without having to worry about geeky details like file types. In Voice, just tap Share, and you can share your video on Twitter, Facebook, email, messages/SMS, or anywhere else you can put a link, without thinking about file types. You can also embed the videos on your web page. Under the hood, Voice uses industry standard H.264 HD video and HTML5 so people can view these stories on any device.

  • What if I want to keep my video private? When I publish does it make it a public video?

    You have the option to share your video via a private link or make it publicly available. A private link allows only the people who have the link to view it. The video will not be made discoverable through a search engine. Making the link public means you are giving the Adobe Voice team permission to potentially include it in our inspiration feed or showcase it on our website for others to enjoy.

  • How much does Adobe Voice cost?

    Adobe Voice is a free iPad app available in the Apple App store.

  • How do I report abusive content or spam?

    If you’re watching an Adobe Voice video on the web that you would like to report, just click “Report Abuse” below the video. To report any videos you see in the app, please send your abuse report to